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Rape Victims Unite.
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Welcome to xdont_rape_mex
You're not alone.


Community open to anyone who's been abused or raped. Both men and women allowed. All are welcome here.

No bashing..only support! Share stories.. share secrets.. share ways to help..

Posting Information:
*All posts should be marked "friends only" or will be deleted.
**For first posts: Introduce yourself. Name, age, your story.. anything you feel we should know. (Name and age is required though)
***Any pictures should be behind a lj-cut. ( < lj-cut > .. < / lj-cut > )

Eventually, if/when the community gets large enough, we will start a "big sister and brother" program for newbies and people who want someone to look up to. More will be determined when the time comes.

If you ever need any help, you can always call:

Suicide: 800-784-2433
Runaways: 800-231-6946
Rape: 800-656-HOPE
Child Abuse: 800-422-4453
Cutting: (800)-DON'T-CUT / -366-8288
Domestic Violence: 1-800-799-SAFE

Depression Awareness: 800-421-4211
Depression Hotline: 800-551-0008
"the 9 line" 800-999-9999

Rape/Sex Abuse Hotline: 800-551-0008

Also check out these communities:

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Suicide is never a black and white issue

still fighting it...
...even though i may hide my scars
*don't keep silent*
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