barbwireheart (barbwireheart) wrote in xdont_rape_mex,

I Admit To It

My name is Katrina AKA Katie. I was molested, then later raped by a friend's father's roommate when I was 13. I won't go inot details. He did not leave physical marks ( or, atleast, I don't think, most of y memories up until my 9nth grade years are fuzzy and unclear), and so it was never suspected. I ddin't tell anyone, and eventually, he just up and left one day. My friend had also been molested by him and told her father, once he was gone. I did not want to say anything, but after yelling at me enough, I gave in and nodded my head. Police were called but I was so out of it when they question me that I wasn't helpful. My friend, unfortuatly was apathalogical lier and her story made little to no sense. Nevertheless, they went in search of him to the home he had moved to, but when he was not found, they gave up the investigation. He was never punished for what he did to us, and I don't think I'll ever be able to get over that.

Nevertheless, while I incredibly shy when it comes to any intimacy, I have fallen in love with a wonderful guy who I know would never force me into anything. He knows what happened, and he understands and does not judge me. I can only hope for the same for all of you. If anyone ever wants to talk, I'm here. I will never judge anyone, so don't be afraid to Message me.

Blessed Be

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